SkyCross announced commercial availability of the SkyCross VersiTune-LTE™ tunable antenna module for 4G LTE mobile devices.

For device customers, the SkyCross VersiTune-LTE antenna module improves the user experience with enhanced data speeds and multiband, multifunction operation. For OEMs, the VersiTune-LTE module simplifies 4G LTE device design and reduces antenna volume by up to half, enabling manufacturers to more quickly and easily develop differentiated, high-performance devices with innovative, sleek styling.

“The dominant RF challenge for advanced LTE devices is how to deliver multiband 4G support for high-speed device performance and maintain aggressive device styling,” said Ben Naskar, CEO and chairman of SkyCross. “The VersiTune-LTE tunable antenna module is a powerful tool for OEMs intent on achieving these goals.”

The SkyCross VersiTune-LTE tunable antenna module leverages SkyCross patented ST-iMAT™ technology, enabling a single antenna structure to operate over up to 12 transmit and receive bands while providing optimized MIMO functionality crucial for 4G LTE speeds. This solution enables OEMs to deliver greater device performance, but shrinks the volume required for antennas inside advanced 4G LTE devices up to half that required for conventional antennas.

Designed with standardized RF and control interfaces, the architecture of the self-contained VersiTune-LTE antenna module easily integrates with other 4G LTE device components. OEMs can incorporate the SkyCross module in multiple device models within a product family — without the need for custom antenna redesigns.

“SkyCross is the industry leader in tunable RF technology for advanced 4G LTE devices,” said Charles Riggle, SkyCross Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “The SkyCross VersiTune-LTE tunable antenna module enables OEMs to design advanced LTE devices that operate over more frequency bands, provide faster data rates, and have more aggressive styling than the competition.”