In what is a multi-million dollar framework agreement Lucent Technologies has been selected by OSP Polpager, the operator of the SFERIA network, for the expansion and upgrade of its existing wireless network in Warsaw and surrounding areas.

This will enable the operator to offer enhanced voice and data services more efficiently and cost-effectively to a wider range of business and residential customers over its CDMA network.

Under the agreement Lucent will deliver and install its CDMA2000 1X modular cell base stations, operating in the 850 MHz band, as well as its 5ESS-based mobile switching centre (MSC). The first phase of the network extension will be completed in summer 2003.

The agreement also includes a significant services and maintenance component in which Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) will provide spare part management, first line maintenance and remote technical support (RTS). Also, SFERIA will join the Base Release Software (BRS) programme and will receive major releases, point releases and software updates as they become available.