EADS has established a Russian Technology Office in Moscow as part of its corporate research organisation and also signed an agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences outlining opportunities for working together on technical cooperation.

Establishing the technology office underlines the importance the company is placing on increasing its presence in Russia and expanding cooperation with industrial, scientific and technological research partners. Its main responsibility will be to facilitate cooperation with the Russian research and development community and be the focal point for projects with all potential Russian partners. The office will act on behalf of the EADS Corporate Research Centre as well as the EADS business units. Cooperation projects have already begun in the areas of materials and processes and software development as well as mathematical computations and modelling.

The signing of the agreement between EADS and the Russian Academy of Sciences makes EADS an associate member of the Council of the International Institute for Advanced Systems (MNIIPU), which will allow the company to leverage on additional resources available through the Academy of Sciences for technical objectives on a subject-by-subject basis. The Russian Academy of Sciences in its turn will be able to work closely with various EADS research centres and business units.