Laird Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of antenna solutions, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products, telematics, signal integrity products and thermal management solutions, announced the acquisition of AeroComm for $38 M.

AeroComm is a designer and manufacturer of wireless communications systems for low- to mid-volume OEM applications where high reliability communications are required. The company designs and builds complete systems based on proprietary or standard communications protocols including antennas, complete RF processing hardware, operating software and interfaces to a multitude of OEM systems. Key applications include gaming machines, industrial automation, lighting controls, heavy equipment telemetry, athletic event scoreboards, wheel alignment sensor systems, automatic utility meter readers, etc.

"We have been growing Laird Technologies since its inception by continually broadening the range of electronic components we can offer to our customers," said Martin L. Rapp, CEO of Laird Technologies. "And this will continue. With the acquisition of AeroComm, we enter a new phase of our development, with the ability to offer complete wireless communication systems for equipment manufacturers who want their products to communicate wirelessly but do not have the internal skills to know how."

Dan Miller, co-founder of AeroComm, said, "AeroComm is well respected in our ability to quickly and efficiently provide custom wireless communication modules. We will now be able to grow much faster by being part of Laird Technologies, with their global reach and broad customer base."