Uhnder Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, and knownfor its digital radar technology, unveiled the commercial availability of its latest innovation, the S81 mass market imaging radar solution. Traditionally, the exorbitant costs of 4D imaging radars limited their enhanced safety benefits to high-end automobiles. However, the S81 revolutionizes this landscape by offering a compact 4D single-chip solution at an attractive price point, made possible by its utilization of digital code modulation (DCM). This breakthrough drastically reduces the cost barrier for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and will catalyze the widespread adoption of this highly sought-after technology.

Featuring support for up to 96 MIMO channels, the S81 boasts exceptional high contrast resolution (HCR), enabling precise discrimination between closely positioned objects. Moreover, it establishes a new benchmark for interference mitigation and safeguards against spoofing attacks, addressing the safety and security concerns prevalent in legacy radar systems. The fully programmable single chip comes equipped with production-ready software, algorithms, APIs, and an array of system tools, empowering customers to accelerate their time to market and streamline development costs.

Manju Hegde, CEO of Uhnder, emphasized the paramount importance of road safety, stating, "Road safety is a universal priority for all drivers, passengers and road users. We take great pride in enabling the automotive industry to extend the benefits of ADAS enhanced safety features to a wider audience."

The S81 is fully automotive qualified and ready for immediate deployment across various configurations, including front, rear, and corner radar setups, catering to the diverse requirements of automotive manufacturers.