STI-CO® Industries, LLC, a leader in providing mission-critical RF antenna solutions, unveiled groundbreaking advancements resulting from their merger with Communication Power Companies, LLC (CPC), a portfolio company of Addison Capital Partners. This collaboration marks a milestone in STI-CO®'s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and extended capabilities tailored to the diverse needs of customers and partners across defense, homeland security, rail and medical industries.

By combining STI-CO®'s 55 years of antenna, filter and custom cable design capabilities with CPC's expertise in custom broadband power amplifiers systems, STI-CO® is poised to offer comprehensive innovations that address customers' specific requirements. This strategic union reaffirms STI-CO®'s commitment to American engineering and production while cementing their position as a global leader in RF antenna technology.

STI-CO® is investing in customer-centric technologies. Understanding the evolving needs of customers drives their innovation journey. That's why STI-CO®'s established a state-of-the-art Technology Center dedicated to research and development. Equipped with cutting-edge 3D prototyping tools, over mold, CNC, coil machinery and other resources, the Technology Center serves as a hub for innovation, allowing STI-CO® to stay ahead of industry trends and customer demands. Through investments in AI software, automation and advanced technology enhancements, STI-CO®'s is not just redefining standards of performance and reliability; they are shaping the future of RF solutions with customers' needs in mind.

STI-CO® expanded their capabilities in over mold processing and build-to-print cable manufacturing enable them to offer tailored solutions that address the specific needs of customers across various industries. In addition to weather-tight cable solutions for RF, data, power and harnesses, STI-CO®'s Technology Center allows them to partner with customers to develop innovative custom cable kits. These kits, engineered and assembled to the highest standards, provide customers with a comprehensive solution package ensures optimal performance in diverse environments.

Engineering is pioneering custom cable kits. Our custom cable kits offer unparalleled convenience and versatility to our customers. Designed to meet the exact specifications of each project, our custom cable kits encompass a wide range of components, including RF, data and power cables, as well as connectors, adapters and accessories. Whether it's for defense applications requiring ruggedized cables or medical devices demanding precision-engineered harnesses, our custom kits provide a seamless solution that simplifies installation and minimizes downtime.

With ISO-9001:2015 certification and STI-CO®'s ongoing pursuit of AS9100 certification, they are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality assurance. STI-CO®'s vertically integrated manufacturing processes, coupled with stringent quality control measures, ensure that products leaving their facility meet the stringent requirements of defense, homeland security, rail and medical industries.

As STI-CO® and CPC embark on this transformative journey fueled by strategic mergers and technological investments, STI-CO®'s commitment to their customers remains unwavering. Through their Technology Center and the addition of innovative custom cable kits, STI-CO® is pioneering solutions that empower customers to achieve their goals with confidence. STI-CO® is dedicated to driving innovation, exceeding customer expectations and shaping the future of RF solutions.