Adaptive Radar Detection: Model-Based, Data-Driven and Hybrid Approaches

Angelo Coluccia

Angelo Coluccia’s “Adaptive Radar Detection: Model-Based, Data-Driven and Hybrid Approaches” dives deep into radar technology, machine learning and data-driven approaches. This comprehensive work is a great resource for radar professionals and researchers seeking to explore the intersection of traditional radar theory and modern data-driven techniques. The book’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate insights from diverse fields, including radar, statistical signal processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This multidisciplinary approach is enhanced by original contributions, diagrams and figures based on experimental data. It serves as both a reference guide and a springboard into the world of adaptive radar detection.

The author starts by laying a solid foundation, offering an insightful overview of radar fundamentals and classical adaptive radar detectors. Readers are guided through classical model-based tools, showcasing their pros and cons. Chapters 2 and 3 introduce essential theoretical elements and algorithmic tools from machine learning, providing engineers in the radar community with a practical understanding of classification problems. Readers are given a reference to popular machine learning algorithms, facilitating the application of data-driven techniques to radar detection. One of the book’s highlights is Chapter 4, which delves into hybridization between model-based and data-driven concepts. Techniques for data-driven constant false alarm rate detection are discussed, addressing the challenge of bridging traditional model-based approaches with modern data-driven methods. This chapter brings up the need for robust detectors that can adapt to signal variations and reject unwanted interference.

In conclusion, “Adaptive Radar Detection: Model-Based, Data-Driven and Hybrid Approaches” by Angelo Coluccia is a thoughtfully constructed and comprehensive resource. It blends traditional radar theory with contemporary data-driven approaches, paving the way for a new frontier in radar technology. Whether you are an experienced radar professional or an engineering student seeking to stay abreast of this dynamic field, this book provides a good roadmap to navigate the world of radar detection.

Reviewed by: Katerina Galitskaya

ISBN: 9781630819002

Pages: 350

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