Two of the most important design characteristics of RF filter technology are size and performance. 3H designs all of its filters based on specific design and performance requirements provided by its customers. 3H’s quadraplexers are no exception. XCCQ101-124 is a high-power 4-channel multiplexer that serves, but is not limited to, the following applications: law enforcement UAV and UGV ground stations, 5G connectivity, satellite communication, Wi-Fi, telemetry and surveillance.

3H Communication Systems

5G Mitigation Filter for C-Band

A1 Microwave has expanded their range of C-Band receiver filters for satellite ground installations to include off-the-shelf components that are fully-compliant with the RED and BLUE spectrum masks. In addition to the close-in 5G rejection, they also feature transmit band rejection as well as X-Band radar for use in naval applications. This includes a recent trial for the U.K. Royal Navy as well as hundreds of installations on cruise ships and terrestrial news-gathering equipment.

A1 Microwave

Direct-to-Digital RF Converter

CAES expanded its product offerings with a new direct-to-digital RF converter designed to optimally meet the bandwidth and form factor requirements of radar, electronic warfare and C4ISR mission applications. The CAES TORNADO converter, the latest in CAES’ investment in direct RF sampling architectures, has eight transmit and eight receive channels paired with the Intel Agilex®9 FPGA Direct RF Series in a 3U, SOSA-aligned configuration. CAES provided early access to design a product based on Intel’s advanced technology.


Power Divider/Combiner

MIcable’s 6 to 40 GHz ultra-wideband 16-way power divider/combiner can accept a 6 to 40 GHz signal and deliver 16 output signals with equal amplitude and phase. Due to its extremely wide bandwidth, excellent VSWR, insertion loss and isolation, it can be widely applied in 5G, testing, instrumentation and other fields.

MIcable Inc.

Ohm Transformer

The MRFXF0089 transformer is designed for applications that require small, low-cost and highly-reliable surface-mount components. Applications may be found in broadband, wireless and other communications systems. These units are built lead-free and RoHS compliant and feature welded wire construction for increased reliability. S-parameters are available upon request.


Electromechanical Relay Switches

Pasternack introduces its quartz fusion series of surface-mount electromechanical relay switches. Incorporating modern design with advanced technology, the series showcases a blend of functionality and resilience in a sleek, surface-mount package, addressing an extensive frequency range up to 26 GHz. Pasternack’s fusion series is a leader in engineering excellence, achieving optimal performance across multiple benchmarks. Its capabilities extend from robust power handling to its oxidation-resistant gold-plated mounting surface, ensuring durability and long-term connection reliability.


Cellular Band High-Power Directional Couplers

RLC Electronics Inc. manufactures a line of cellular band high-power directional couplers. These devices typically operate below 2500 MHz and can be provided with custom coupling values from 20 to 50 dB. Typical units exhibit low loss (< 0.2 dB), high directivity
(> 30 dB), can handle 500 W CW minimum and can be customized to customer specific requirements. RLC can also manufacture form/fit/function replacements for similar obsolete devices from Microlab and Narda.

RLC Electronics Inc.

Power EMI Filters

Spectrum Control Inc. introduced a family of modular power EMI filters bringing high performance and design flexibility to a variety of MIL-STD-461 designs with size, weight, power and cost requirements. The chassis mount filters have a wide -55°C to 75°C operating temperature. Superior mid- and high frequency attenuation up to 1 GHz (common mode) is achieved in a compact package that provides up to 30 percent space savings. A variety of models available in standard rack heights present many configuration options for design flexibility.

Spectrum Control Inc.