The ADR1001 is a fully integrated, ultra-low drift, buried Zener precision voltage reference solution in a single chip. By integrating the entire signal conditioning circuitry required by the LTZ1000 into a single chip, the ADR1001 provides a significant reduction in overall solution area, while simplifying the design process by eliminating the many challenges of building a discrete circuit solution.

The on-chip heater, combined with Analog Devices buried Zener technology, allows the ADR1001 to achieve sub-ppm temperature coefficient performance and single-digit ppm long-term drift performance. Besides providing best-in-class precision in all vectors, the ADR1001 incorporates ease-of-use features to reduce cost and design-in effort. These features include a pin-programmable internal thermostat, resistor-programmable heater current limit, open-collector power-good flag pin, hermetic surface-mount package, and an extra matched resistor pair. By default, the temperature setpoint is 70°C when no external resistor is connected to the TSET pin, and the internal heater current limit is 100 mA with HTR_ILIM shorted to HTR_GND.

The integrated thin-film resistors and on-chip buffer can be used to provide standard output voltage reference values that are compatible with modern precision converters. The ADR1001 divider network and output buffer combination is trimmed to within ±0.25% initial accuracy. In addition, a pair of matched resistors is also included on-chip, allowing customers to easily generate a negative voltage reference or a gain of 2 with minimal impact to the output accuracy or drift.

The ADR1001 is packaged in a hermetic, ceramic, 20-terminal leadless chip carrier (LCC). The surface-mount ceramic package allows customers to eliminate the through-hole component soldering step while still retaining the hermetic seal of a classic through-hole metal can package.

  • LTZ1000-class, ultrastable, 6.6 V, buried Zener reference
  • On-chip, thermally regulated, matched resistor-dividers
  • Precision 5 V output ±0.25% (RISET = 102 Ω, TJ = 70°C)
  • 5 V output noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz): 0.13 ppm p-p
  • Zener, thermal loop op amps, and buffer provided on chip
  • Input voltage range: 9 V to 36 V
  • Ovenization ensures ultra-low temperature drift