The 2007 Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) will allow RFMD® to showcase its high-performance radio systems and solutions for wireless handsets utilizing GPRS, GSM/EDGE, WCDMA and CDMA. With more than 50 percent market share in PAs and the industry leader in the shipment of EDGE transceiver solutions, RFMD is the RF expert for the world’s leading handset manufacturers.

As a Silver Sponsor of the Radio and Wireless Symposium, RFMD® will share the latest in its lineup of dual-band GSM/GPRS power amplifier modules with integrated power control. RFMD leads the WCDMA PA market with innovative solutions for WCDMA applications. Best-in-class technical expertise and cutting–edge products position RFMD to become the top provider of multimode handsets containing both EDGE and WCDMA capabilities.

Also, RFMD’s broad product portfolio includes the GSM/EDGE POLARIS™ TOTAL RADIO™ transceivers, which are highly integrated to perform all the functions of the handset radio section. At the Symposium, attendees can learn how the POLARIS™ TOTAL RADIO™ transceivers feature flexible digital basebands and the industry’s best receive sensitivity while reducing transmit power consumption and bill of material costs. In addition to RFMD’s featured products, also on display are WLAN solutions for all standards, scalable solutions for GPS and products for wireless infrastructure.

The 2007 Radio and Wireless Symposium will provide RFMD the opportunity to highlight its best-in-class technical expertise and cutting-edge products. We look forward to a successful Radio and Wireless Symposium as we connect with our customers and vendors!