Extending the line of AC1224 walk-in antenna test chambers, mmWave Test Solutions has debuted a split-chamber version of the large AC1224-360. This new split version is reconfigurable from one large single chamber to two half-chambers, doubling the test capacity whenever needed. The end walls of each of the two half-chambers have removable center sections, opening an 8 x 8 ft. aperture between them. One half-chamber moves on linear rails to efficiently move them apart for reconfiguration.

Panel sizes of only 1.2 x 1.8 m (4 x 6 ft.) allow the chamber parts to be hand-carried through narrow pathways or on stairs to build an AC1224 in areas where traditional full-size chambers cannot go. Furthermore, all AC1224 antenna test chambers are assembled from the inside out and require almost no workspace around them during assembly, making this test chamber ideal for labs, offices and basements with highly constrained building space.

Like the standard 12 x 12 ft. modular AC1224-360, the AC1224 chamber can be ordered with extended depth by adding more modules. The chambers ship with 115 mm (4.5 in.), 300 mm (12 in.) absorbers or a mix of both. These chambers are ideally suited for radar, microwave and mmWave antenna test applications.

The AC1224-360 is available immediately and ships worldwide. The DUO and UNO positioners from mmWave Test Solutions all fit the AC1224 chambers. Visit the mmWave Test website for further technical details on chambers and positioners.

mmWave Test Solutions
Copenhagen, Denmark