MMIC Amplifier

Mini-Circuits’ model LVA-273PN+ is a wideband GaAs HBT MMIC amplifier with > 17 dB gain from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. With low additive phase noise of typically 172 dBc/Hz offset 10 kHz from the carrier, it delivers typical output power at 1 dB compression of +18.3 dBm at 10 GHz and +16.1 dBm at 20 GHz. The 50 Ω amplifier draws 85 mA at +5 VDC and is supplied in a 4 × 4 mm 24-lead QFN-style package.


Power Amplifier MMIC

mmTron Inc. announced the highest efficiency class AB GaN power amplifier MMIC for the 17.3 to 21.2 GHz satellite downlink band. Available as a die for assembly in multi-chip modules or in a surface-mount package, the TMC261 covers 17.3 to 21.2 GHz with margin and provides 1.1 W of output power with 35 percent power-added efficiency at a noise power ratio of 13 dB. The three-stage MMIC provides 31 dBm output power at 1 dB compression and has 24 dB linear gain.

mmTron Inc.


90 GHz S-Parameter Data Model

Modelithics has introduced a new part-value selectable S-parameter-based model of the Piconics -004 Series Broadband Conical Inductors: CC25T50K240G5-004 (0.125 μH), CC25T47K240G5-004 (0.155 uH) and CC55T47K240G5-004 (1.00 µH) in shunt-mount configuration. The model, included within the latest release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, is broadband validated through 90 GHz. Piconics is sponsoring free 90-day trials of all available Modelithics Piconics models.



Dielectric Resonator Oscillators

Quantic PMI Model PDRO-6800M-13DBM-SFF is a dielectric resonator oscillator with an output frequency of 6800 MHz and a minimum output level of +13 dBm. It has a reference frequency of 0.1 GHz, an input level of 3 to 13 dBm, an output level of 15.1 dBm, spurious of 89.5 dBc and harmonics of 30.6 dBc. This model size is 2.25 × 2.25 × 0.62 in. and has SMA female connectors.

Quantic PMI


Quad-Ridge, Dual Polarized, Broadband Gain Horns

Fairview Microwave launched its product line of quad-ridge, dual polarized, broadband gain horns. These gain horns range from 0.8 GHz to 95 GHz waveguide and are available in gain varieties of 6, 10, 12, 15 and 20 dBi. Designed to perform in broadband test and measurement applications, these gain horns are instrumental in characterizing antennas and wireless systems.

Fairview Microwave

Cutting-Edge IoT Multiband Antennas

Pasternack introduces its state-of-the-art IoT multiband combination antennas. Designed for vehicles, fleets and pivotal base stations, these multiband antennas are set to revolutionize how industries perceive and utilize mobile connectivity. The latest from Pasternack’s innovation lab integrates the potency of 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and GPS bands within a singular, sleek radome. This harmonious fusion ensures that emergency teams, on-the-move fleets and first responders can guarantee an unwavering link, no matter where duty calls.



MXO 5 Next-Generation Oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schwarz presents its new R&S MXO 5 oscilloscopes, available with four or eight channels. Building on next-generation MXO-EP processing ASIC technology developed by Rohde & Schwarz and introduced with the R&S MXO 4, the new eight-channel R&S MXO 5 oscilloscopes take measurement performance to the next level.

Rohde & Schwarz