GE Global Research, the centralized research organization of the General Electric Co., is to collaborate with Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) to develop industrial equipment using higher temperature superconducting materials. The discovery of higher temperature materials is seen as critical to enabling more cost-effective and widespread industrial applications of superconducting technology.

As part of the agreement, SEI will concentrate its research activities on superconducting wire development. The research team at Global Research will focus on the design and prototyping of new industrial applications for superconducting wires for which the company is engaged in the development of a broad range of products.

"This collaboration with SEI will combine SEI's strength in superconducting wire technology with our experience in the design and development of industrial products using superconducting materials to enable new commercial applications in energy and health care," said Michael Idelchik, vice president, advanced technology, GE Global Research. "Together, we have a great opportunity to deliver new technology that greatly expands opportunities in the superconducting market."

Dr. Ryosuke Hata, managing executive officer and deputy general manager, R&D Unit, Sumitomo Electric, added, "It is very important for higher temperature superconducting wires to be delivered into real commercial applications through industry leading companies like GE."