Nullspace, Inc. announced the new release of Nullspace Prep and Nullspace EM, Nullspace’s flagship electromagnetic (EM) simulation products for the aerospace, defense and communications industries.   

Engineers turn to Nullspace when their industry-leading EM simulation tools are unable to handle large scale simulations. When designing a new antenna or phased array, waiting days or weeks for a simulation to finish is no longer a viable option for today’s RF or antenna designer. 

“When it comes to electrically large problems, design optimization, or advanced uncertainty analyses, Nullspace EM is already significantly faster than leading commercial tools,” said Dr. Masha Petrova, CEO of Nullspace. “With our newest release of Nullspace EM 2023.9, our customers can expect additional 2 to4x speed-up for larger problems. “  

 Nullspace, Inc. tools have been developed from the ground-up for modern computing architecture, yielding significant computational efficiency. Therefore, running large-scale simulations on a laptop is a real possibility for many problems. With its 2023.9 release, Nullspace EM and Prep are now available for Windows 10 with the full power of the same solvers previously available only on Linux (GPU support for Windows is planned for 2024 release).