Passive Plus (PPI) has launched a series of catalogs and brochures which can be found on PPI’s website. The new series of updated catalogs represent PPI’s complete product offerings. Individual component information, such as series datasheets, S-Parameter data and Modelithics® Modeling Data can be found on the website.

PPI has launched the following new and updated catalogs:

  • High-Q Capacitor Catalog –High-Q/Low ESR Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors
  • High Power Components – For High Current/High Voltage Applications
  • High Frequency Components – DC to 67GHz: Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors, Single Layer Capacitors
  •  Non-Magnetic Components – High-Q Capacitors, High Power Custom Assemblies, Variable Capacitors, Thin Film Components, Single Layer Capacitors
  • Single Layer Capacitors – Custom specification capacitors: Edge to Edge, Border Cap, Twin Cap, Arrays
  •  Thin Film Components – Precision Resistors, Chip Attenuators, Resistor Arrays, Patterned Substrates, Thermal Conductors
  • Variable Trimmer Capacitors – Air Plate, Sapphire, Tubular, Film Trim, and 3 mm Trimmers
  • Commercial High Voltage Capacitors – COG/NP0, X7R, Y5V & Z5U High Voltage Capacitors
  • GMC Series - General Purpose Capacitors, large capacitance values in small sizes.

Also available on the website is the complete PPI RF & Microwave Components Catalog (and additional brochures for the other PPI product lines) and a High-Q Capacitor Cross Reference Chart. Separate Resource and Quality pages on the website provide Technical Videos and Presentations, Broadband Application Note, Hand Soldering Guide, Tape and Reel Specifications, RoHS, REACH, ISO Certification form, and PPI Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Included on the website is a new engineering tool, Capacitor Application Program (C.A.P.). C.A.P. allows engineers to insert capacitor requirements (cap value, frequency) producing scattering matrices, ESR, Q and impedance charts and data sheets according to the engineer’s specifications.