Richardson RFPD, Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a new RF front-end module from United Monolithic Semiconductors.

The CHC6054-QQA is a high-power front-end incorporating transmit and receive paths and a transmit/receive switch. It operates in the 24.25 to 30.5 GHz frequency range and is designed for telecom radio systems applications.

The new HPFE typically exhibits an Rx gain of 18 dB with a low noise figure of 3.2 dB, and a Tx gain of 28 dB with +31 dBm saturated output power. It features high linearity with an ACPR of -36 dBc at +23 dBm average Pout.

It is manufactured on 150 nm gallium nitride on silicon carbide (AlGaN/GaN on SiC) and 150 nm gallium arsenide and provided in a cost-effective, plastic QFN 4 mm x 5 mm package.

Additional key features of the CHC6054-QQA include:

  • Tx output Psat: +31 dBm (at 5 dB gain comp)
  • Rx input P1dB: -7 dBm
  • Up to 1024 QAM with EVM < 3.5 percent at CS 56 or 112 MHz.