Broadband, Microwave and Wireless Components

“Click to Quote” and “Click to Buy” are new features of the newly updated Aeroflex/Inmet web site. The site now allows a user to obtain a quote for any one of the listed products simply by clicking on the quote button pictured next to the particular model number. In addition, a “Buy Now” button has been added next to each item that is available for immediate purchase.

300 Dino Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Circuit Design Software

The ACS web site highlights new features of the LINC2 RF and microwave circuit design software suite. LINC2 combines high performance RF and microwave circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization into a single integrated program at an affordable cost. The software includes a comprehensive suite of design tools for the exact synthesis of a wide variety of active and passive circuits.

Applied Computational Sciences (ACS),
1061 Dragt Place, Escondido, CA 92029

On-line Ordering

Ordering from AR Worldwide has become easier with the addition of on-line ordering to the company’s web site. Registered users are able to select products, enter billing and payment information, and receive acknowledgment of the order. The web site also features detailed product pages with downloadable specification sheets, software demos and application notes. The web site includes a search that allows users to search by amplifier, keyword, power and/or frequency.

AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
160 School House Road, Souderton, PA 18964

On-line Part Locator

This on-line part locator allows engineers to type key requirements into an intuitive on-line form to output a reference table of suitable oscillators, with quick links to the full specification sheet for each. The part locator covers the company’s entire range of standard crystal oscillator products, including OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, SPXOs, factory programmable oscillators for fast delivery, and oscillators approved by communications chipset manufacturers Semtech and Zarlink Semiconductor.

C-MAC MicroTechnology,
Endeavour House, Mercury Park, Wycombe Lane,
Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire HP10 0HH, UK

Ultra Precision Lapping, Polishing and Finishing Services

This site features the company’s high quality, ultra-precision surface finishing in the telecommunication, semiconductor, communication, micro-electronic, defense and security markets. Services include grinding, lapping, polishing, diamond sawing and laser machining of metals, ceramic, sapphire and other materials.

Centerline Technologies,
577 Main Street, Suite 270, Hudson, MA 01749

RF and Microwave Components

This web site features the company’s wide range of RF and microwave components such as cable assemblies, connectors and adapters, power dividers, attenuators, amplifiers, bias tees, and isolators and circulators. Data sheets and pricing are also available on-line. The company’s products are designed for markets that include telecommunications, wireless and SATCOM, military, instrumentation, consumer electronics, computers and computer peripherals, commercial aircraft, industrial equipment and medical equipment.

Electronika International Inc.,
5700 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44129

Components and Subsystems

Endwave’s innovative components and subsystems enable the transmission, reception and processing of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave signals in next generation wireless communications networks, defense and homeland security systems. Featured on the company’s web site are a variety of single and multi-function solutions including: JCA amplifiers, oscillators, multipliers, up/downconverters, synthesizers, transceivers, switch arrays and custom multi-function assemblies.

Endwave Corp.,
130 Baytech Drive, San Jose, CA 95134

Electromagnetic Measurement, Shielding and Control

The company’s web site has recently gone through a major renovation. User-friendly improvements include: a more robust search engine, graphically enhanced and streamlined navigation, print-friendly pages and dedicated solutions areas related to users interests. Cross-referenced information such as documentation, standards, related products and information enable the user to more efficiently access the information they need.

1301 Arrow Point Drive, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Custom and Standard Filters

KR Electronics designs and manufactures high quality filters for the commercial and military markets. The web site features bandpass, low pass, high pass, notch, root cosine, diplexers, group delay networks, wideband 90° phase splitters, coils and transformers. In addition to design and manufacturing services, the company offers extensive test and measurement capabilities including environmental testing.

KR Electronics,
91 Avenel Street, Avenel, NJ 07001

RF/Microwave Filters and Assemblies

This redesigned web site provides a dynamic environment for customers to quickly learn about the company’s products and capabilities. Key highlights include: A Product Finder tool to search a database of existing designs; a Package Finder tool to search standard package outlines and download PDF data sheets; and a Spotlight section on the home page to showcase new product updates and news about NIC.

Networks International Corp.,
15237 Broadmoor, Overland Park, KS 66223

ICs, Modules and Subsystems

This comprehensive, versatile web site has recently added new product pull-down menus and RoHS compliant component pages. The web site details full specifications for over 430 products, application notes, quality assurance and product support tools including Product Cross Reference, Parametric Search, PLL Phase Noise and Mixer Spur Chart Calculators, and expanded e-commerce. The company’s new product selection guide, newsletter and CD can also be requested from the site.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
20 Alpha Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Adaptive RF Tuning Solutions

This web site features the company’s adaptive RF tuning solutions for government and commercial wireless applications. Products include the Adaptive Impedance Matching Module (AIMM), which is a closed-loop, self-contained circuit that senses impedance mismatches in wireless handsets and instantly corrects for them. Paratek is headquartered in Columbia, MD, with additional offices in Nashua, NH and Crystal Lake, IL.

Paratek Microwave Inc.,
22 Technology Way, Nashua, NH 03060

Amplifiers, Integrated Assemblies and Subsystems

This newly designed web site offers several new features. The new search tool allows a user to instantly find any of the company’s products within the database and the new drop down menus allow a user to narrow a search to the items that one is most interested in. The company’s Orderstat systems allow a user to track the progress of an order daily with automatic e-mail notification regarding an order.

Planar Electronics Technology,
5715 Industry Lane, Unit 11, Frederick, MD 21074

Filters, Diplexers and Subassemblies

The company has recently enhanced its web site to include an on-line filter RFQ tool. Filter quotes have never been easier, and are now just a click away. The site also features the company’s full-line of RF/microwave filters, diplexers and subassemblies. Additionally, in support of customers worldwide, Reactel’s product catalog and data sheets are available by download.

Reactel Inc.,
8031 Cessna Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Digital RF Amplifiers

PulseWave RF™ is a fabless semiconductor company that develops digital RF power amplifier modules. The company’s proprietary Class M Power technology produces a multi-carrier power amplifier (MCPA) with a 50 percent reduction in cost and size, and a 40 percent increase in power efficiency. By implementing Class M Power, the overall base station cost is reduced by 20 percent.

PulseWave RF,
110 Wild Basin Road, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746

RF MEMS Switches

This recently updated web site features the company’s commercially available RF MEMS switch. Site features include a technology section on the advantages of MEMS, as well as descriptions and literature for the company’s product line. Order on-line with TeraVicta or through its worldwide distributor, Richardson Electronics.

TeraVicta Technologies Inc.,
2535 Brockton Drive, Austin, TX 78758-4411

RCS Measurement Systems

QuarterBranch Technologies Inc. provides technical support and design services to the radar cross section (RCS) measurement community. The web site includes the company’s new flagship system, RadarMan, which is a high speed, broadband pulsed-IF radar system covering 2 to 18 GHz in a single, 7-inch high by 13-inch deep rack-mount chassis with most of the capabilities and features of much larger, more expensive competing systems.

QuarterBranch Technologies Inc.,
4 North Berlin Pike, Lovettsville, VA 20180

Engineering Tools Aid in Packaging Design

On the Thunderline-Z web site you will find an advanced search engine of the company’s entire database of previously designed feedthrus. Search over 2000 models of RF/50 W, DC and capacitor/filter feedthrus to find the model that most closely resembles your application. In addition, you will find an impedance reference calculator. Use this tool to calculate the opposing dimension of glass-to-pin, or pin-to-glass, that will achieve optimal impedance in your RF or microwave package.

11 Hazel Drive, Hampstead, NH 03841