RIGOL Technologies has added to its line-up of high-resolution oscilloscopes with the introduction of the DHO800/900 series. These new oscilloscopes have a compact, portable design which is flexible to use for both on-site and desktop testing. DHO800/900 oscilloscopes feature true 12-bit resolution with low noise for excellent signal fidelity and analysis.

DHO800 TouchscreenDHO900 oscilloscopes are available in 125-250 MHz bandwidths, four channels, 1.25 GSa/sec sampling, 1,000,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate and 50 MPts of memory standard. DHO800 scopes offer 70 to 100 MHz bandwidths, four channels, 1.25 GSa/sec sampling, 1,000,000 wfms/s waveform capture rate and 25 MPts of memory standard. Both series feature 12 bit resolution, a 7 in. intuitive touch screen display and support type-C power. They are powered by the new UltraVision III platform featuring a custom ASIC chipset, which also provides for dramatically lower front-end noise. The higher resolution and lower noise enable users to analyze much smaller signal artifacts with greater speed and accuracy.

“The new DHO800 and 900 series scopes are an excellent extension of the DHO High-Resolution oscilloscopes launched in 2022,” stated Mina Kamel, channel sales manager for RIGOL USA. “These new scopes offer tremendous flexibility through their compact design which makes handheld, on-site testing feasible. In addition, the true 12 bit resolution will deliver the exceptional signal fidelity and analysis our customers have enjoyed with the DHO4000 and 1000 scopes.”

RIGOL's new oscilloscope technology and ASIC chipset enable sampling with true 12 bit resolution. This reduces the quantization level between bits by a factor of 16 for far superior precision. In addition, the new chipset delivers a significantly lower noise floor than traditional oscilloscopes. RIGOL's UltraAcquire Burst Capture completes this new technology package by allowing users to capture signals at a faster rate and to visualize them in multiple display modes including density, waterfall, perspective and mosaic.