In today’s commercial aerospace market, companies need materials that are both lightweight and durable enough to withstand hostile, demanding environments. SCHOTT’s new lightweight microelectronic packages meet this challenge by delivering the same reliable, long-lasting protection for avionics while lowering the weight by up to two-thirds compared to traditional electronic packaging. As a long-time partner to the industry, SCHOTT has designed its latest product to help make aviation and space missions lower in cost.

Electronics for aviation and space have a number of mission critical uses, such as in communications, navigation systems and propulsions monitoring. SCHOTT’s new lightweight microelectronic packages help protect sensitive electronics, like RF designs, DC/DC converters and sensor components. “Over the last few years, we’ve been excited to see more customers interested in hermetic packaging for aerospace applications. We know that for them, every gram counts,” said Georg Mittermeier, optoelectronics product manager at SCHOTT. “That’s why we’ve designed our new lightweight packages to provide the same reliable protection for avionics with up to two-thirds less weight.”

Aviation and space manufacturers face similar challenges, such as designing products that can fly in harsh environments and reducing overall costs associated with weight. Ensuring electronic equipment functions reliably through extreme temperature changes and mechanical stresses requires special protection against these conditions. SCHOTT’s lightweight microelectronic packages deliver reliable protection for these electronics due to their superior robustness, while delivering the cost-saving advantages of their lightweight construction.

Partnering with industry to create extraordinary materials

SCHOTT provides glass-ceramics, specialty glass and glass-to-metal seals for aerospace applications. Due to their extraordinary properties, such as radiation resistance and thermal and mechanical stability, SCHOTT’s products are ideally suited to realize projects even in the most hostile environments.