Marki Microwave® announced it has acquired the waveguide business of Precision Millimeter Wave LLC. The acquisition expands Marki Microwave’s reach into the evolving mmWave and sub-THz markets, enabling the company to create truly differentiated products that combine waveguide and traditional board-level connection methods.

“The addition of Precision Millimeter Wave’s technology portfolio is a natural progression of Marki’s support for high frequency applications, reinforcing our commitment to advanced component development for the RF signal chain,” said Christopher Marki, CEO of Marki Microwave. “Precision’s robust portfolio extends our frequency range to sub-THz, expanding our addressable markets in applications where we already lead while opening up new applications areas.”

Marki Microwave will now be offering over 100 standard commercial waveguide products and multiple custom waveguide products spanning mmWave to sub-THz, including antennas, connectors, switches and isolators. Precision Millimeter Wave’s technology will meet the demanding requirements of emerging communication platforms, such as 6G as it extends into D-Band, point-to-point communications and additional space product coverage. As a dedicated supplier of high performance components from the LNA to the analog base band, Marki Microwave can now also address antenna and associated waveguide components, providing customers with the same trusted technology and support in new areas of the RF signal chain.

“Marki Microwave has an industry-wide reputation for developing cutting-edge products, having invested heavily in design resources and expertise covering operation, packaging and integration,” commented Gary Ricker, co-founder of Precision Millimeter Wave and Marki Microwave’s senior manager of waveguide product marketing. “We have developed a broad yet synergistic customer base that opens new product categories and markets for Marki Microwave. I’m thrilled to begin driving next-generation waveguide product development backed by Marki’s history of excellence.”

Watch our exclusive interview with Duncan Pilgrim, VP of Sales and Marketing at Marki Microwave.