Keysight Technologies, Inc. is expanding its FieldFox portfolio with the new N9912C FieldFox Handheld Analyzer, a software-defined RF testing platform offering field engineers more than 20 vector network analyzer (VNA), cable and antenna tester (CAT) and spectrum analyzer (SA) options for upgrade and download.

Field engineers conduct routine maintenance on and troubleshoot RF, microwave and mmWave systems. During their work, they need to accurately measure a variety of devices or signals, including cables, antennas and over-the-air signals, to ensure robust signal quality and uninterrupted service. To make all of these crucial measurements in the field, engineers need multiple expensive network and spectrum analyzers as well as flexible equipment that can meet rapidly emerging test and measurement challenges.  

The Keysight N9912C FieldFox Handheld Analyzer addresses this challenge by enabling engineers to mix and match software applications for their specific analysis needs on a single, handheld device. As a truly software-defined instrument, the FieldFox N9912C is fully upgradable with license key activated maximum frequencies, analyzer types, bandwidths and software applications.

The new FieldFox-C model, covering up to 10 GHz, offers the following benefits:

  • Mix and match options – Offers unparalleled flexibility to create the right mix of VNA, CAT, and SA tools for any project's requirements with more than 20 downloadable software applications and license key activated frequency and bandwidth options. In addition, the maximum frequency coverages for any analyzer type are extendable for any existing N9912C by ordering an upgrade option.
  • Pay only for what you need – Optimizes field instrument investment by enabling engineers to choose only the capabilities they need for their work in the field.
  • Save time in the field with a single handheld – Eliminates the need to switch instruments with a single, rugged handheld analyzer that can be customized on the fly as testing needs evolve.
  • High performance analysis – Provides accurate, comprehensive spectrum and network analysis down to 3 kHz and up to 10 GHz, to test and troubleshoot a wide range of high frequency and wireless applications.

Vince Nguyen, vice president and general manager, aerospace, defense and government solution group at Keysight, said, "When engineers are in the field, they need flexible test solutions that can address challenges on the fly. With the truly software-defined FieldFox-C, engineers can quickly respond to new needs with a single, handheld analyzer that can be easily configured through software license keys covering frequency ranges, multiple analyzer types and other software applications. With low entry pricing points that protect initial investments, the FieldFox-C is the all-in-one solution for multipurpose field testing."