Keysight Technologies, Inc showcased its open radio access network (Open RAN) validation leadership by collaborating with 14 industry partners to demonstrate Open RAN deployment readiness testing at the O-RAN Spring 2023 Global PlugFest organized by the O-RAN ALLIANCE.

As wireless networks move to virtualized, disaggregated Open RAN architectures, Keysight has been working with its industry partners to develop and deploy testing specifications based on 3GPP and O-RAN ALLIANCE standards. During PlugFest, Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) solutions were used with Keysight co-developed O-RAN test specifications, from  working groups for which Keysight is a rapporteur, co-rapporteur or key contributor, to successfully conduct 18 integration test setups of multi-vendor network functions across these focus areas:

  • Open RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) Fronthaul Conformance / Performance – Conducted automated testing of O-RU compliance to WG4 fronthaul technical specifications using the Keysight O-RU test suite, including control, user, synchronization and management planes and performance across the RF and protocol measurements domains. Test collaborators included Compal, ETRI, Inventec, Pegatron and SOLiD.
  • RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Conformance – Used the cloud-native Keysight RIC Test Suite to test and validate near-real-time RIC and non-real-time RIC compliance to the WG2 A1, WG3 E2 and O1 technical specifications by emulating E2 nodes, near-real-time RIC, and user equipment (UE). Test collaborators included Compal, ITRI, LITEON and Pegatron.
  • End-to-End (E2E) Network Performance – Provided E2E testing and assessment of small cells, macro cells, and gNodeBs (gNB) for performance, security, latency under, load and stress test conditions using the Keysight E2E test suite. An over-the-air (OTA) monitor was used to extend real-time visibility to disaggregated radio access, correlation and interaction between O-RAN protocol and 3GPP physical layers in wireless transmissions. Test collaborators included Askey, Compal, LIONS Technology, Pegatron, SageRAN, SOLiD and Quanta Cloud Technology.
  • 5G and O-RAN Security – Validated the design and implementation of security for O-RAN gNBs with simultaneous operations of emulated UEs and security attack modules (3GPP SCAS automated testing, DDoS, Fuzzing) using the Keysight 5G and O-RAN security test suite. Tests ensured that the experience of emulated subscribers and network performance were not adversely impacted during simulated attacks. Test collaborators included LITEON and Pegatron.

Keysight's test setups were facilitated by the hosts, Auray OTIC and Security Lab and KT Corporation, at their Spring 2023 Global PlugFest locations.

Keysight's KORA solution offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of test solutions for verifying the end-to-end performance of 5G network functions, including support for conformance, interoperability, performance, energy efficiency, security testing, and artificial intelligence and machine learning training and optimization across the entire Open RAN lifecycle (Research, Lab, Field Trials, Live/Field-to-Lab and Operations).

Peng Cao, vice president and general manager for Keysight's Wireless Test Group, said, "With our participation in O-RAN ALLIANCE's Spring 2023 Global PlugFest, Keysight continues to lead the development, adoption and testing of 5G Open RAN architectures. Thanks to our comprehensive Open RAN testing solutions and our deep network emulation and RF expertise, we will enable the industry to confidently speed its Open RAN products to market."