QUALCOMM Inc. and Motorola Inc. announced an expansion in their relationship. In addition to collaborating on CDMA2000®, the two companies will now be working together to bring UMTS handsets to global markets. Motorola Mobile Devices has approved QUALCOMM's Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) chipsets for incorporation into future UMTS handset designs.

“Our success in CDMA2000 markets with QUALCOMM chipsets makes this expansion a logical one for Motorola,” said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola's Mobile Devices business. “Our long relationship with QUALCOMM has proven its value. By expanding our relationship to include UMTS designs, we are opening the door to new avenues for growth and value creation. With QUALCOMM now included among our partners for UMTS, we are enhancing our flexibility and expanding our range of options in our drive to design and deliver the world's most innovative and compelling UMTS handsets across experiences and price tiers.”

“Motorola has been an important customer for QUALCOMM for many years, and we are excited with this latest development in our relationship to now include collaboration on UMTS,” said Sanjay K. Jha, president of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. “We are confident that combining the respective strengths of our two companies will result in new opportunities and industry-leading successes over the upcoming years.”