UFundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics

Rajeev Bansal, Editor
CRC Press • 400 pages; $89.95, £49.99
ISBN: 0-8493-7360-3

This book is intended as a desk reference for the fundamentals of engineering electromagnetics. In Chapter 1, Fundamentals of Electromagnetics Revisited, the fundamental aspects of engineering electromagnetics are presented from the view of looking back in a reflective fashion at what has already been learned in undergraduate electromagnetics courses. Chapter 2, Applied Electrostatics, presents the fundamentals that one needs in order to understand electrostatics. The goals of Chapter 3, Magnetostatics, is to describe the fundamental theoretical foundations for magnetostatics, some simple and commonly encountered examples and a few common applications such as Hall elements sensors, magnetic storage and MRI imaging. Chapter 4, Electromagnetic Induction, is dedicated to the fundamental theoretical foundation of electromagnetic induction and its important consequences. In Chapter 5, Wave Propagation, the free-space propagation model, the path loss models and the empirical path loss formula are described. Chapter 6, Transmission Lines, provides a summary of the fundamental transmission-line theory and gives representative examples of important engineering applications. The specific properties of structures that transport electromagnetic waves are described in Chapter 7, Waveguides and Resonators. In Chapter 8, Antennas: Fundamentals, an overview of basic antenna terminology and antenna properties is given, including a discussion of concepts that are common to all antennas. In Chapter 9, Antennas: Representative Types, the discussion is focused on the specific properties of several representative classes of antennas that are commonly used. Chapter 10, Electromagnetic Compatibility, describes how EM concepts impact on practical design for EMC and thus assist engineers wishing to work in this area.

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Electromagnetics, Microwave Circuits and Antenna Design for Communications Engineering: Second Edition

Peter Russer
Artech House • 749 pages; $139, £84
ISBN: 1-58053-907-6

This book is intended to provide the framework for engineers and students to attain the necessary background in electromagnetics for solving design problems in microwave circuits and antennas. This second edition is enlarged by more than 300 pages. Some of the added material is of advanced character and the reader or lecturer using the book may decide where to go in depth. Chapter 1 defines the topic and comments on the rationale and method of the book. Chapter 2 introduces the basic electromagnetic theory using exterior differential forms. In Chapter 3, scalar and vector potentials, as a power tool to solve Maxwell equations, are introduced. In Chapter 4, fundamental concepts, methods and theorems are introduced. Static and quasistatic fields are treated in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6, the surface wave propagation along a plane surface of finite conductivity is treated. The general principles of transmission lines and waveguides are discussed in Chapter 7. A unified presentation of transmission line theory for TEM transmission line modes and hollow waveguide modes is given. Resonant circuits and resonators are treated in Chapter 9. In Chapter 10, passive microwave circuits, their multiport representations and their analysis by signal flow graph are described. Chapter 11, on filters and periodic structures, far from giving a comprehensive treatment, is intended to introduce the fundamental concepts of the topic. In Chapter 12, the radiation of the Hertzian dipole is treated in the frequency and time domains. Antennas are treated in Chapter 13. The application of the integral equation method to the linear antenna for accurate computation of the antenna current distribution is demonstrated. Chapter 14 gives an overview of numerical methods for electromagnetic field computation.

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