The new BMZ 6 from WAFIOS is a unique and innovative CNC tube bending machine that has been specially developed for very small parts in applications like cannulas in medical technology and semi-rigid coaxial cables for a variety of high frequency products. As the smallest machine in the well-known BMZ series, it sets new standards in terms of economy, production speed and efficiency. With its compact design, it can be set up quickly on-site and it offers space savings when compared to larger, oversized machines.

The BMZ 6 is capable of bending small parts from tubes or wires up to an outer diameter of 6 mm. The modular design enables the production of highly complex component geometries by combining different bending processes such as coiling and free-forming. For example, closed bends of 360 degrees can be wound around a mandrel or large radii can be produced by free-form bending. In addition, the BMZ 6 is designed in such a way that further machining steps, such as end forming, can be easily integrated.

Figure 1 An example of geometric programming of complex parts.

The bending machine offers some exclusive capabilities. Coaxial cables can be processed in the BMZ 6 with pre-assembled attachments, such as connectors. The unique WAFIOS bending technology is characterized by very short straight lines between the add-on part and the first bend. This bending approach offers clear advantages, especially in cramped installation situations. For fine wire and tube components like coaxial cables, it is possible to use a handling robot with an integrated palletizing function. The EasyRobot from WAFIOS is fully integrated into the programming system of the machine, making it easy to operate.

Thanks to the intuitive operating concept, the BMZ 6 can be used universally and new parts can be set up quickly. A high level of operating convenience is ensured by the use of 3D simulation for feasibility analysis and cycle time determination. In addition to direct programming at the machine, new components can also be set up at an external workstation and centrally checked for manufacturability. As part of a desire to increase manufacturability, the BMZ 6 can be equipped with WAFIOS’s proven iQinspect software option. With this option, external measuring devices can be connected directly to the machine. The automatic correction of the bending program based on the measurement results supports the operator in quickly setting up even complex geometries. An example of the complex geometries that the BMZ 6 can address is shown in Figure 1.

The new BMZ 6 CNC tube bending machine concept sets new standards in tube processing of small dimensions. It does this with its compact design and different bending technologies, combined with state-of-the-art software solutions. This machine will open up new fields of application for 3D bending technology in medical and high frequency market applications.

WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
Branford, CT / Mokena, IL