Quantic PMI (Planar Monolithics) Model PEAFS3-14-0R2535R0-6R5-23-12-292FF is a 0.25 to 35 GHz Low Noise Amplifier with a gain of 14 dB, a gain flatness of 1.5 dB, a noise figure of 6.5 dB, an OP1dB of 23 dB, and a VSWR of 2.0:1, has 2.92mm female connectors and a size of 0.53" x 0.70" x 0.26". This model is dual use connectorized or a surface mount component. https://www.quanticpmi.com/product-details/peafs3-14-0r2535r0-6r5-23-12-292ff