IT systems at Texas-based energy company CenterPoint Energy have been given a boost and are now receiving high accuracy GPS timing signals over fiber-optic links from ViaLite Communications. The RF over fiber connections enable the essential timing and synchronization signals to be sent over long distances without experiencing the attenuation inherent with coaxial cables.

The GNSS/GPS system consists of ViaLite’s ODE-MINI outdoor enclosure equipped with Blue OEM GPS Transmitter modules, which send the signals flawlessly to a precision Arbiter Systems network time clock.

The modules are designed to cover many different standards for GPS and timing signals worldwide. The compact ODE-MINI supports up to two GPS antennas and is IP65 rated for resistance to a wide range of climate conditions.

“Customers continue to be impressed with ViaLite’s ability to provide cost effective GPS fiber transport systems where coaxial systems cannot reach – all with state-of-the-art performance, superior quality and high reliability,” said Craig Somach, ViaLite director of sales.

A spokesperson from CenterPoint Energy commented, “ViaLite’s GPS system is working great. Plug and play worked right from the start.”