Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that its WiMAX-specific design validation and production solutions have been successfully delivered and accepted by several customers. With a level of performance and functionality not available from competitors, these solutions give engineers R&D and conformance-type measurement capabilities for testing fixed 802.16-2004 and mobile 802.16e-2005 WiMAX PHY.

Agilent's WiMAX design validation and production offerings are mainly comprised of the PSA or MXA series spectrum analyzers, the ESG or Agilent MXG signal generators, and WiMAX measurement software package. R&D and conformance type measurements are covered by the high performance PSA series spectrum analyzer and ESG vector signal generator. Production-type measurements can be performed with the new MXA and Agilent MXG products. The MXA is the industry's fastest signal analyzer with the highest performance of any midrange analyzer. Agilent MXG signal generators feature the industry's best ACPR performance and simplified self maintenance, and provide the fastest switching speeds available on the market today.

Verification of Agilent's design validation and production solutions took place during demonstrations at the WiMAX working group in Seoul, Korea. The WiMAX Forum and subsequent working groups work to promote global WiMAX deployments and to make WiMAX the platform of choice for broadband wireless. These successful demonstrations highlight Agilent's continued commitment to developing innovative solutions for this emerging market.

"Agilent continues to demonstrate its leadership in the WiMAX arena via successful rollout of industry-leading test and measurement solutions, strategic partnerships around the globe and participation in events like the WiMAX Forum Plenary Conferences," said Guy Sene, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Signal Analysis Division. "This leadership, continued innovation and industry participation is crucial to ensuring today's engineers have the tools from Agilent they need to create the next-generation of communication based on WiMAX."

"Agilent's broad offering for testing fixed and mobile WiMAX comprises a number of premier test solutions that span the entire WiMAX lifecycle," said Keum Chul Shin, operations and delivery manager for Agilent's Korea Measurement Systems Division. "We have now delivered over 15 customer installations, each demonstrating an exceptional level of performance, coupled with reliable, repeatable and consistent results. This makes our offering the most up-to-date, complete and widely accepted answer to WiMAX R&D, design verification and production test."