Alcatel and Runcom Technologies Ltd. have announced that commercial ready products will be available for early adopters of universal WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) technology. Enhancing Alcatel's Open Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Policy, the two companies actively collaborate in different areas such as the development of end to end solutions including the integration of Runcom chipsets into Alcatel's Evolium® WiMAX solution infrastructure as well as into terminals, interoperability testing and joint marketing efforts in order to bring this new and exciting technology to commercial deployment.

Zion Hadad, Runcom's founder and CEO, noted: "We have been promoting the OFDMA technology for a reasonable time, and now, with the leadership of Alcatel as a world class provider of communication solutions, we are certain that the Mobile WiMAX technology will take off in the global markets."

"The collaboration with a pioneer in OFDMA technology such as Runcom supports Alcatel in its plan to get real devices into customers' hands," said Sylvie Richir, vice president of Alcatel Broadband Wireless Access activities. "Thanks to this, Alcatel will be accelerating speed to market of its universal WiMAX solution, optimizing costs and sourcing, enabling us to take full advantage of WiMAX (802.16e-2005) technology."