Modelithics® announced that version 22.3 of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library™ for Keysight PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) is now available and includes compatibility with Keysight Genesys 2022. It supports the Vendor Parts Synthesis (VPS) capability in Genesys to automate the selection of discrete parts from the Modelithics COMPLETE Library. It accounts for the parasitics of the parts, substrates and bond pads to enable one-pass hardware realization to meet the original optimized design specs. 

Version 22.3 adds 35 new models to the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Keysight Genesys, which now represents over 700 models for nearly 60 vendors, representing more than 25,000 components. Among them are new Microwave Global Models™ for capacitors from AMOTECH, Kemet, Kyocera-AVX, Yageo and more. Also added are Modelithics Microwave Global Models for inductors from Coilcraft, and for resistors from Smiths Interconnect and Vishay. Version 22.3 also adds models for Schottky diodes from Infineon and a model for a varactor diode from Microsemi, as well as models for CEL and Infineon transistors. Finally, new S-Parameter models for various Macom devices including, a coupler, a splitter and a transformer are included, along with a new model for a Smiths Interconnect attenuator. 

Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, FREE 90-day use of Modelithics models for by AMOTECH, Coilcraft, Kemet, Kyocera-AVX, MACOM, Smiths Interconnect and Vishay components are available to approved customers. 

The new Modelithics models are available within the Modelithics COMPLETE Library v22.3 for Keysight Genesys. For more information about this new release and further details on the new models available, please review the v22.3 release notes.