RF Circuits and Applications for Practicing Engineers
Mouqun Dong

RF Circuits and Applications for Practicing Engineers is the book every RF PCB-based circuit and system engineer starting in the wireless industry has ever dreamed of. Take 25 years of premium experience in RF design from Mouqun Dong and put them in a bit less than 400 pages, here is what you get: a very practical manual which bridges gaps between traditional education and daily work of the RF engineer. Which RF designer has never struggled in understanding component datasheets and trying to devise which specifications might be more critical than others for a given application? From his strong theoretical and professional background, Dr. Dong helps with that, by clarifying the variations in industry terms and definitions of key parameters like the noise figure and which to use for certain purposes.

The book is structured to brush a wide variety of topics with only the necessary mathematics to understand the main principles and how to put them in practice. Starting from the theory of noise and S-parameters and their applications in circuit design, Dr. Dong then proposes three chapters on RF amplifier designs and operating principles of power amplifiers. A particularly interesting part is the discussion on stability analysis of amplifier circuits, relevantly demonstrating that trying to achieve unconditional stability across frequency at all cost and under all circumstances is an actual misconception. The next chapters cover a panel of subjects from base principles of RF transceiver system designs in wireless communications, to passive components used in RF circuits (lumped elements and their parasitic effects, directional couplers, hybrids, etc.), solid-state switches and a short section on RF measurements (S-parameters, spectrum analysis, phase noise and error vector magnitude, noise figure, power and non-linearities).

This book is far from addressing all RF problems that the practitioner will encounter in a career and does not pretend to do so. It gives, however, a fantastic insight into the mind of someone who has long exercised the discipline of PCB-based RF system designs and is willing to share his experience. It is a very valuable resource for starting RF engineers willing to learn or experienced ones needing to brush up on the theory behind the practice.

Review by: Benoit Derat,
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN 13: 9781630816315

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