EZ Form has one of largest offerings of semi-rigid cables for military and aerospace programs, with 27 active semi-rigid cables qualified to MIL-DTL-17 and listed on the Qualified Products List of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. This extensive range of semi-rigid cables includes copper and aluminum jacketed versions in 0.020, 0.034, 0.047, 0.086, 0.141 and 0.250 in. diameters, available unplated or with silver, tin or tin-lead plating. Except for the 0.25-in. diameter cable, the upper frequency range is 20 GHz; the 0.25-in. diameter is rated to 18 GHz. These semi-rigid cables are easily bent to a finished shape, maintaining its set after bending and making it well-suited for either automated bending equipment or hand forming.

EZ Form also offers more flexible cables with performance comparable to the MIL-C-17 semi-rigid family. The EZ-Flex 401, 402 and 405™ series handles like RG flexible cables and offers double shielding, low leakage, low VSWR, lower weight, flexibility and durability. This family includes 50 and 75 Ω options with outer diameter from 0.086 to 0.25 in. Frequency coverage extends to 60 GHz with the smallest diameter (0.086 in.) cable.

A third family of cables offered by EZ Form is the EZ-Flex Formable™, which is easily shaped by hand. The cable has a copper-tin composite outer conductor which provides the same 100 percent shielding as the solid jacket of a semi-rigid cable, yet it is easily bent by hand. The EZ-Flex Formable cables can be used with the same type of solder-on connectors used with semi-rigid cable, providing similar RF performance without complicated manufacturing.

EZ Form Cable
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