Designed for 5G networks, RF Industries’ TruField™ is a patent-protected technology for “concealment solutions,” meaning visibly hidden but transparent to RF. TruField has been tested by independent labs and wireless carriers and shown to have superior RF transparency compared to traditional concealment shrouds that also limit coverage and degrade the network’s performance. TruField is agnostic to the frequency—low band, mid band (C-Band) and mmWave—and has less than 0.2 dB transmission loss at any angle of incidence up to 60 degrees.

To maintain the RF signal strength and angular coverage, the TruField shroud uses a proprietary outer shell material developed by Saint-Gobain, an exclusive strategic partner to RF Industries. This unique, lightweight fabric is made of a self-cleaning, hydrophobic material that repels water, mold and droppings or other RF disturbing materials, which keeps the shroud virtually maintenance free and lowers the total cost of ownership. The TruField product line is a customizable, future-proof solution engineered and designed by RF Industries to fit the exact needs of customer antennas.

Founded in 1979, RF Industries designs and manufactures interconnect products for many applications, including RF connectors and passive components, RF coaxial cable assemblies, data cables, wire harnesses, fiber optic cable assemblies, custom cabling, energy-efficient cooling systems and integrated small cell enclosures.

RF Industries
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