It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2022, which has come back to Milan after 20 years.

Milan is a vibrant, fast-developing Europe­an city and wealthiest in Italy, which hosts the headquarters of national and interna­tional banks and companies. The surround­ing area is one of the most industrialized re­gions of Europe, and many universities and research centers are located there. Milan is conveniently served by three international airports. The well-developed and very effi­cient public transportation allows to easily visit all the tourist attractions in the city. Moreover, Milan is well connected to the main Italian cities by high speed trains, making possible one-day visits to Venice, Florence, Turin, Bologna and even Rome. Milan has many attractions such as the famous Gothic Cathedral, the Sforza Cas­tle and world’s most famous opera house La Scala Theater. Moreover, the city hosts many prominent museums. Among them, it is worth remembering the Pinacoteca di Brera, featuring one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings, including masterpieces by Piero della Francesca; the Pinacoteca del Castello Sforzesco, with an art collection including Michelangelo’s last sculpture Pieta Rondanini and Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex T rivulzianus manuscript; the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, hosting the Last Supper of Jesus, the famous mu­ral painting by Leonardo. More information is on the official city website:

Leonardo da Vinci spent more than ten years in Milan, leaving some of his major masterpieces. This is the main rea­son to choose the Vitruvian Man for the logo of the Week, and a motto inspired by Leonardo, i.e., “Creative Microwaves,” to remind all of us that the progress of science and technology comes only from curiosity and creativity.

EuMW 2022 is held at the Milano Con­vention Centre (MiCo), a completely renewed venue in the business district of CityLife, at walking distance of many must-see attractions.

This is the 25th anniversary of EuMW. The whole microwave community is in­debted to the founders of the European Microwave Association (EuMA), which in 1998 started the “Microwave Week.” EuMW steadily grew up with a year-by­-year addition of technical activities and exciting events, becoming one of the largest worldwide events and the perfect venue to meet colleagues, share ideas and make friends. EuMW 2022 includes the European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the European Microwave Inte­grated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), the European Radar Conference (EuRAD), the Defence, Security and Space Forum, the Automotive Forum, the Beyond 5G and 6G Forum and more than 30 workshops covering topics spanning from theory to application, from devices to systems. The event also features the largest RF and microwave trade show in Europe. The opening and closing plenary sessions of each of the three conferenc­es feature keynote lectures by interna­tionally renowned leaders in their fields. Participation to EuMW of students and young professionals is strongly encour­aged. We organized many activities spe­cifically for them, namely two doctoral schools, a Three Minutes Thesis compe­tition, an IEEE Young Professional tech­nical session, the Career Platform, prizes and grants, student helpers program and networking event.

The Women in Microwave, co-sponsored by the IEEE MTT-S, will be in the beau­tiful location of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, and includes a technical session fol­lowed by a visit to the museum.

Our thanks go to many colleagues who have volunteered to organize this event and have spent a lot of time and tire­less effort putting together an excellent technical program. EuMA and Horizon House are also gratefully acknowledged for their continued support and help. At the time of writing, the pandemic situation is under control and many re­strictions have been relaxed. We really hope that in September we can safely travel and meet freely. Socialization is the nature of human beings and meeting and networking are vital for our com­munity to exchange ideas, make con­nections, mentor younger colleagues, meet old friends and make new ones. To this aim, we organized many social ac­tivities, such as EuMIC dinner, students and young professionals get-together, Automotive Forum Dinner, Welcome Re­ception, Gala Dinner, TPC lunch and EuRAD lunch.

We look forward to hosting you in Milan. The city will surprise you, and we are sure you will enjoy EuMW 2022.