SUSS MicroTec, a global supplier of probe systems for wafer-level production and engineering test, is extending its activities in Taiwan through a partnership with the Taiwan-based PhotonWealth. Building on the successful cooperation in the sales of accessories for RF on-wafer measurements, the two companies decided to extend their partnership to include sales and application support for SUSS’s engineering and production probe systems.

SUSS MicroTec, one of the most established and oldest semiconductor equipment companies in the world, has been developing probe systems for over thirty years and since 2000 has been present in Taiwan. It is one of the most important suppliers of advanced packaging and MEMS equipment and is currently focusing on growing its successful probe station business in the country. Recent developments such as MicroAlign™ and ReAlign™ Technology and the IZI Probe® are innovations that are garnering great attention in the Taiwanese market.

Michael Harz, global sales manager for test systems at SUSS MicroTec, commented, “Taiwan has developed as a technology leader in the semiconductor industry. We are confident that PhotonWealth will be the ideal partner to bring together Taiwan’s leading-edge semiconductor technology and world-class German precision engineering know-how. This will guarantee a measurable advantage for our Taiwanese customers.”