Exodus Advanced Communications has developed a solid-state power amplifier (PA) for automotive, communications, electronic warfare and general radiated susceptibility testing, such as EMI-Lab and RS103. With a response from 800 MHz to 3.2 GHz, the AMP2103P-LC dual-mode amplifier covers both automotive testing ranges, meeting the pulse and CW requirements for the 300 V/m and 600 V/m automotive testing requirements defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

The AMP2103P-LC produces at least 1000 W of pulsed power across the band or 500 W CW with 3 dB peak-to-peak power flatness. To support the linearity requirements of all modulations and industry standards, the PA uses a class A/AB design, enabling it to achieve -20 dBc harmonics at the rated output power and -30 dBc two-tone intermodulation with two 47 dBm tones 1 MHz apart.

The dual-mode PA provides extensive control and monitoring capabilities, with monitoring using a 7-inch color display or via a remote connection. Automatic leveling with > 20 dB gain range can be controlled using the screen or the remote interface. The color touchscreen shows the forward and reflected power, providing VSWR in real time; system voltages and currents; and the operating temperatures of the PA module heat sinks and internal system temperature. Exodus offers an option to calibrate the power monitoring accuracy to within  ±0.2 dB.

A unique feature of the AMP2103P-LC is its compact size: 7U, the smallest and highest power offered for this frequency range. The PA uses type N female connectors for the RF input and optional RF sampling ports. To handle the high power, the RF output uses a 716 female connector.