VIDA Products highlighted its magnetically tuned oscillator (MTO) at last week's EuMW. This oscillator operates in the microwave and millimeter-wave frequency ranges. The VIDA MTO covers frequency bands from 4 to 12 GHz with a continuous tuning range of up to greater than a full octave. Nominal output power is +8 dBm with a tuning sensitivity of 24 MHz/mA and power tuning efficiency of 5 to 10 MHz/mW depending on the bandwidth. Phase noise ranges from less than -70 dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset to less than -140 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset. For offsets beyond 5 MHz, the phase noise stays below -150 dBc/Hz. Vibration sensitivity is typically less than 0.5 kHz/g for sinusoidal vibration rates between 10 Hz and 5 kHz. Full spec performance is maintained without heaters between 0 degrees and +75 degrees Centigrade. The MTO is approximately 16 millimeters high by 19 millimeters in diameter. It is designed for PC board integration and the mounting footprint measures 23 by 23 millimeters.