This presentation will provide a brief introduction to the hardware for IBM Quantum systems. We will explain why Quantum computers are so essential to technological progress at a high level and explore the components that enable IBM’s revolutionary quantum technology. We will also highlight several key concepts and showcase early use cases. In addition to providing some foundations on RF/microwave applications in quantum computing systems, this presentation will also confer an understanding of how the RF/microwave community can support IBM Quantum’s specific needs to continue developing its hardware roadmap.

Mini-Circuits is proud to support the research community with a wide range of RF and microwave components fueling the pioneering hardware development driving toward a new era of practical quantum computing. To date, the company has worked with system designers to successfully incorporate a variety of RF filters, attenuators, couplers, DC blocks and coaxial cables into quantum computing projects. With 50+ years of design and manufacturing experience, Mini-Circuits is uniquely positioned with the broad technology portfolio and in-house capabilities to collaborate with customers at the R&D stage and beyond to meet the sensitive requirements of quantum applications including part customizations for cryogenic environments, special testing and qualification, and more.

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