The report “WiMAX - A Market Update (2006-2007),” discusses the various aspects of the WiMAX technology. The report gives an overview of the current WiMAX market. It explains the standards followed, the spectrum allocations and the market operations. It also talks about the implementation scheme of WiMAX as a technology. It addresses the various drivers to WiMAX such as performance, coverage, etc. that are pushing the implementation of this technology.

The different applications and the potential users of the technology are covered in detail. The future market prospects along with the upcoming trends have also been covered. A section has been especially devoted to the key players in the WiMAX industry.

Key findings:
-- Most of the WiMAX deployments across the world are still in a trial phase providing only high-speed Internet service but, in future, the largest markets for WiMAX will be for mobile applications.
-- The number of worldwide WiMAX users is forecasted to reach 14.9 million in 2009, creating over $13.8 B dollars in service revenues for the WiMAX market.
-- WiMAX is expected to become a predominant portion of the broadband wireless access market by 2009 because of the wide support it has achieved from leading equipment vendors.
-- The Asia-pacific region has the largest share in terms of WiMAX subscribers, attributed to large population and emerging nature of economies in the region.
-- Regions like Eastern Europe and Latin America are increasingly adapting to WiMAX technology due to less broadband penetration level.
-- In more developed regions like in Western Europe, WiMAX adoption has been slow due to the high levels of broadband penetration.
-- North America is by far the leading region in terms of the number of WiMAX licences, with a total of 394 WiMAX license holders.