With semiconductor designs pushing submicron features, complex multi-layer structures and new materials, microwave device and circuit designers face growing thermal challenges. Application requirements for increased power, higher frequency and faster switching are leading to higher power densities with rapidly changing thermal events and thermal anomalies that may lead to early failures. Recognizing that traditional techniques cannot fully assess the thermal behavior of these devices, Microsanj has focused on thermal analysis systems that will meet the challenges posed by today’s most advanced designs.

The SanjSCOPE™ EZ-THERM series is a compact bench-mountable thermal imaging system that provides the sensitivity, spatial and temporal resolution for designers to fully understand device thermal behavior. With spectral coverage from 365 nm to 1700 nm, GaN HEMTs can be analyzed with a spatial resolution less than 300 nm, and flip-chip mounted microwave devices can be analyzed with thru-the-substrate imaging above 1000 nm. The capability to do infrared macro analysis with better than 10 mK thermal sensitivity and quickly move to nano-scale analysis with thermoreflectance enables designers to capture the smallest hot spots and analyze its characteristics on a nano-scale level.

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