The CPI TMD Technologies Division of Communications & Power Industries has been awarded a multimillion-dollar contract for the supply of compact microwave power modules (MPMs) to be used in an airborne, military, data link application. CPI TMD Technologies Division is a world-class supplier of advanced microwave and RF products.

Nigel Hann, sales director for CPI TMD, said, “This order has resulted from CPI TMD Technologies Division’s close relationship with the customer, over a long period of time. We have a reputation with this customer for working hard to meet their specific requirements, and we are delighted to be awarded this new business in recognition of those efforts.”

“Additionally, we have developed this product to meet the needs of military communications customers around the world. The MPM operates in Ku-Band, making it suitable for data link applications worldwide. With other major orders in the pipeline, CPI TMD looks forward to further expanding its customer base for these products in the months ahead,” concluded Hann.