ERZIA is set to deliver several integrated microwave assemblies to Indra, designed for electronic warfare (EW) purpose, under a multi-year contract between both companies. The different types of modules have been designed to comply with the specifications of the new F-110 frigate’s EW electronic systems for the Spanish Navy.

The electronic defense and intelligence systems aim to provide a strategic edge by gaining radiofrequency spectrum supremacy. This is the case of the new class of F-110 frigates of the Spanish Armada, where their state-of-the-art EW systems are a pillar to ensure their superiority in all types of operational scenarios.

These high-technology equipment allow for the reception, interception and emission of RF and microwave signals with different purposes, from intercepting communications for intelligence gathering, to protecting the ship from threats or missile attacks by emitting electronic countermeasures.

ERZIA has designed and produced several integrated microwave assemblies for Indra for the suite of the F-110’s EW systems, and this year will start production at large scale that will span over a period of five years to complete the five frigates of the series. “These are high performance super components with sophisticated functionalities concentrated in a very small form. We are implementing state-of-the-art technology for extraordinarily adverse scenarios, very few ships can count on a system like this” emphasized David Diez, ERZIA’s director of Microwave Division.

The long collaboration between ERZIA and Indra is a great example of the Spanish Industry of Defense’s success in the development of EW systems for national use, and exportation to allied countries. It also enriches the Industrial Plan leaded by Indra in the frame of the Technological Programs for the development of the F-110 class frigates.

ERZIA specializes in the design and manufacturing of radiofrequency and microwave devices. Founded almost 20 years ago, it is a leading global supplier of microwave amplifiers, filters, frequency converters and other integrated equipment, with a special focus on high performance, high reliability applications such as Defense, Aeronautics and Space. Many of the EW systems of the world's leading manufacturers use ERZIA components due to their high reliability, performance and repeatability. ERZIA is headquartered in Santander, Spain, with a subsidiary company located in Alexandria, Va.