Arralis Technologies has introduced a K-Band MMIC power amplifier (PA) with an integrated output power detector, also available in a QFN ceramic package. Its high power makes it well-suited for satellite communications, compatible transceivers for space communications and point-to-point radio links. The surface-mount PA operates from 17 to 20.5 GHz and delivers a minimum of 10 W saturated output power with efficiency greater than 25 percent, associated large-signal gain of 20 dB and small-signal gain of 25 dB.

The three-stage amplifier is fabricated with a space-qualified, 0.25 μm GaN on SiC process and biased at a drain voltage of 25 V. The MMIC is matched to 50 Ω and has integrated DC blocking capacitors on the input and output RF ports.

The surface-mount version is offered in a 7 x 7 mm hermetically sealed ceramic package. Alternatively, the chip is available as bare die or as an integrated PA module with detectors for power and temperature, the latter to detect the output power. The module size is 63 x 60 x 25 mm and has 2.92 mm connectors. Both the bare die and surface-mount versions are available with evaluation boards for system design and test.

These devices are part of the complete Ka-Band satellite family, including GaAs PAs, low noise amplifiers, mixers, phase shifters and core chips. Arralis is a leader in satellite and mmWave technologies that encompass a wide range of transceivers, radars, antennas, subsystems and modules.

Arralis Technologies
Swindon, U.K.