CD Product Catalog

This CD product catalog features the company's entire line of products, making it a complete information guide for attenuator needs. It also highlights the company's newest technology and products.

Alan Industries Inc.,
Columbus, IN (812) 372-8869. Circle No. 200

Quick Reference Chart

This easy-to-use reference chart provides an instant overview of dielectric constants and loss tangents of all ECCOSTOCK® dielectric materials. This reference chart also lists other common materials to guide designer engineers in the selection of appropriate materials for a range of electronic applications and properties.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products,
Randolph, MA (781) 961-9600. Circle No. 201

System Products Catalog

This system products catalog contains RF/microwave high performance cable assemblies to 50 GHz. It features the phase/amplitude stability GrooveTube® flexible copper outer conductor. Product photographs, complete data charts, data graphs and part numbering information are also provided.

Stroudsburg, PA (570) 424-8400. Circle No. 202

CD-ROM Product Catalog

This CD-ROM catalog includes new products, updated datasheets with more comprehensive information and measurement curves, application notes, company and facility overviews, and a complete listing of its international sales representative network. The CD-ROM is hyperlinked to the company's Web site ( to facilitate the collection of additional information.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX (281) 988-4600. Circle No. 203

Product Catalog

This product catalog highlights a broad product portfolio of frequency control devices. Included in the catalog are crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs, VCSOs, TCXOs, VCOs and OCXO products, as well as timing modules.

M-tron Industries Inc.,
Yankton, SD (605) 665-9321. Circle No. 204

Specialty Materials Brochure

This product capabilities brochure offers an array of specialty materials including high frequency circuit materials, laminates, photoimageable covercoats, high performance foams, busbars, EL lamps and drivers, elastomer components, nitrile floats and nonwoven materials. Product descriptions, applications and product photographs are also provided.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605. Circle No. 205

Capability Brochure

This 14-page capabilities brochure provides an overview and product directory of the company. It covers electronic warfare, radar/missile and communications products in detail. Photographs, specifications and descriptions of the products are also provided.

Signal Technology Corp.,
Beverly, MA (978) 922-0019. Circle No. 206

Product Selection Guide

This 18-page product guide presents key performance characteristics of the company's low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, IF amplifiers, fiber-optic transimpedance amplifiers, high power and high linearity discrete components, gain blocks, multicomponent modules and CATV amplifiers.

Sirenza Microdevices Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616-5400. Circle No. 207

Selection Guide

This selection guide details the company's complete line of high performance RF and microwave filters, low cost ceramic filters and patch antennas. The SPECWAVE family of products ranges from surface-mount to rack mount configurations covering frequencies from DC to 65 GHz.

Spectrum FSY Microwave,
Columbia, MD (410) 381-5700. Circle No. 208

Power Amplifier Brochure

This brochure provides a listing of the company's linear single and multi-carrier solid-state power amplifiers. The product line is broken down according to intended wireless market such as GSM, PCS, UMTS, MMDS and WLL. Contact information and a company overview are provided, as well as new products and capabilities.

Stealth Microwave,
Trenton, NJ (609) 538-8586. Circle No. 209

Signal Integrity Products Brochure

This eight-page brochure features the company's chip-to-chip signal integrity products for the test and measurement market. Product photographs, descriptions, features and specifications are provided.

W.L. Gore & Associates,
Newark, DE (800) 445-4673. Circle No. 210

Selection Guide

This 156-page selection guide features the company's complete range of semiconductor parts. It covers high efficiency power and signal management devices and simplifies the search for optimized analog solutions. The guide is divided into three main sections, detailing integrated circuits, discrete components and packaging options.

Zetex Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY (631) 360-2222. Circle No. 211