ET Industries announces a K-band and a Ka-band Power Splitter/Combiner Unit with various assortments of inputs and outputs.  This system is the RF Interface to be used on a payload with multiple uplink and downlink ports.  The system is designed for use in a thermal vacuum environment.

ETI’s 64 Way Power Divider is available in various configurations either 4-TO-64-WAY or 1-to-64-way WITH BIAS TEE in the KA-BAND and K-band. The power divider equipment provides 2.92 mm connectors for RF inputs and outputs on the top panel of the chassis. The power divider equipment provides a 37-pin D-subminiature connector or equivalent for DC port connections. Each DC port is connected internally to the bias tee with a twisted ground conductor to the DC Port Connector. The 64-way operates both in ambient and thermal vacuum conditions. Available at other frequency bands.

 • High isolation
 • Thermal Vacuum Environment
 • Low VSWR
 • High isolation
 • Low insertion loss
 • Excellent phase and amplitude balance

For more information, visit or contact ET Industries at or 973-394-1719.