With large channel bandwidths and extensive processing power, software-defined radios (SDRs) are well-suited for spectrum monitoring. However, significant digital data is generated from the slices of the spectrum that are captured and stored for analysis. The Cyan platform with storage is a high performance SDR from Per Vices that can scan from near DC to 18 GHz, with the capability to extend the range to 40 GHz. Cyan can be configured with up to 16 independent radio channels, each with 1 GHz bandwidth. The bandwidth of each channel is adjustable to provide flexibility from wide bandwidth scanning to narrow spectrum monitoring.

A Stratix 10 FPGA enables Cyan to gather and analyze a large amount of data. The FPGA has the resources to implement digital signal processing algorithm, and Per Vices can develop or integrate specific IP or license the source code. To handle the data transfer to the host, Cyan supports a 4 x 40 Gbps connection over qSFP+ ports in a VITA49 data format.

Supporting Cyan, Per Vices’ data storage solution has the capacity to handle the 160 Gbps data stream without any losses. Various storage capacities are available, up to 100 TB, and additional computational resources are available for post processing the received data. Cyan and its data storage can be accessed through an Ethernet connection, for remote control and processing. The flexibility and ability to update the software make this SDR an investment that will adapt to future requirements.

Per Vices can customize any of their products to meet specific customer needs: adding channels, extending the operating frequency, increasing the bandwidth and digital backhaul or enhancing other RF specifications.

Per Vices
Toronto, Canada