LadyBug’s PMA-12 Power sensor software includes many features that users will appreciate. The software is capable of controlling many sensors simultaneously and is multi-threaded, providing excellent speed and flexibility. The Windows software is compatible with all LadyBug LB5900 series power sensors. Includes sensor simulator which can be used to preview some of the features and to simulate a second sensor in multi-sensor measurements.   



  • Straight forward controls to set sensor parameters. 
  • Includes a data logger to store measurements in multiple formats for use in spreadsheets or other purposes. Logs multiple sensors in one file.
  • Multi-sensor calculations such as return loss, gain, loss and others are easily setup and made. 
  • Controls the sensors triggering functions such as trigger delay, hold off polarity etc..
  • Trace measurements with gates, markers, triggering and burst measurements can be made if the sensor supports the measurement.
  • Controls the Unattended measurement functions of sensors equipped with Option UOP.
  • Controls the sensors Analog Recorder Output timer, scaling and end points if the sensor has Option 001 has been installed in the sensor.
  • Includes a strip chart that can be used to visualize measurements over time. Chars can be stored and overlaid.
  • Includes an Interactive IO program to send commands and read returns. The Interactive IO is useful in developing ATE systems. 
  • Includes a flexible Analog meter with damping controls. 
  • Includes PMA-12 software featuring flexible power meter, logger, strip chart, analog meter, and more. The software package includes an Interactive IO program for ATE testing.
  • Includes a Persona application allowing to program the sensor to simulate other sensors.