mmWave is the industry’s newest frontier, a free space resource that has triggered a “gold rush” of technology horses and applications riding them. This eBook samples a few of these applications and the challenges facing them. The first article, “Using E-Band for Wideband SatCom: Opportunities and Challenges,” contributed by Hughes Network Systems, describes the requirements for and challenges with E-Band links between the earth and geostationary satellites. The new article “Virtual Cable Calibration for OTA Testing of 5G mmWave Devices” by Rohde & Schwarz describes the concept and how it is used to ensure compliance to the 3GPP standards. The article “6G: Innovating the Future of Wireless Communications,” submitted by Keysight Technologies, surveys a few of the use cases being discussed and the consortiums formed to explore them. Wide bandwidth at sub-THz frequencies is a shared theme. “Satcom, the New mmWave Frontier,” also contributed by Keysight Technologies, returns to mmWave satellite links, specifically the difficulty making accurate and repeatable measurements, particularly OTA. The article “5G Fixed Wireless Access Array and RF Front-End Trade-Offs,” contributed by Qorvo, outlines the design of a fixed wireless access system for a suburban neighborhood, including the design of the phased array and trade-offs among the semiconductor technology options for the front-end module. Concluding the eBook, an article from Qorvo discusses phase noise, an important parameter that can limit the data rate of communications systems.

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