A network analyzer and a skilled operator are essential for accurately measuring the S-parameters of microwave devices and components. But measurement performance also depends on the calibration tools. The STQ series of waveguide calibration kits from Eravant help ensure accurate measurements, providing metrology-grade standards with the necessary tools for the waveguide bands from 18 to 220 GHz: 11 waveguide sizes from WR-05 to WR-42. Typical lead times range from stock to 6 weeks ARO.

Each calibration kit comprises one fixed short, one fixed load and three waveguide shims for offsets of λ/8, λ/4 and 3λ/8, which support multiline TRL calibration algorithms. Two waveguide Quick Connects; 10, 3/32 hex head waveguide screws; six 3/32 hex head extended waveguide screws; four alignment dowel pins; a 3/32 hex waveguide screwdriver; and a USB thumb drive with calibration data are included. The waveguide elements are constructed from durable beryllium copper alloy and are gold plated. All items are matched with precision and deliver exceptional electrical performance, such as 40 dB nominal return loss on the matching load.

The waveguide Quick Connects improve the longevity of the precision waveguide flanges. They uniformly distribute the contact pressure to create a solid connection, minimizing signal leakage from waveguide misalignment and improving repeatability. The Quick Connects work well in tight locations and eliminate the tedium of incrementally turning traditional waveguide screws.

Designed to work with standard network analyzers, each calibration kit is packaged in a rugged carrying case with foam liners to protect the components from dirt and moisture, as well as securely holding and protecting the elements in one place.

Torrance, Calif.