Fairview Microwave has added a line of double-ridge waveguide components to its extensive waveguide portfolio. Developed for radar, wireless, satellite communication, test and instrumentation, the family comprises the WRD180 (18 to 40 GHz), WRD650 (6.5 to 18 GHz) and WRD750 (7.5 to 18 GHz) sizes, with 28 models in various straight, bend and twist configurations.

The double-ridge name refers to the addition of a pair of ridges in the center of a rectangular waveguide, parallel to the short wall. Compared to a conventional rectangular waveguide, a double-ridge waveguide covers a wider frequency range, with a lower cut-off frequency.

To complement the waveguide family, double-ridge waveguide-to-coax adapters are available in the same WRD180, WRD650 and WRD750 sizes, offering SMA, type N and 2.92 mm connector options. Machined in brass with UG-style square cover flanges, the adapters are available in right-angle and end-launch configurations. Maximum VSWR is 1.5:1 for the WRD650 and WRD750 adapters and 1.65:1 for the WRD180.

Fairview Microwave’s double-ridge waveguide components are in stock and available with same-day shipping to meet immediate customer needs for double-ridge waveguide transmission lines. No minimum order quantity is required.

These double-ridge waveguide and coaxial adapters join Fairview Microwave’s other waveguide products and accessories, including attenuators, bandpass filters, couplers, detectors, flexible waveguide, frequency converters, horn antennas, isolators, magic tees, phase shifters, power amplifiers, switches and terminations.

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